After a three and a half year journey, my co-founder and I have decided to move on from our time with Rapid7. On the verge of closing our Series B for Mobilisafe in the summer of 2012, then president and COO of Rapid7, Corey Thomas, reached out to us about a possible acquisition. After getting to know him and the rest of the management team, we agreed for Mobilisafe to be acquired by Rapid7.

We joined a rapidly growing, ~280 person company with many goals in mind, centered on a theme of learning to grow at scale. During our time with Rapid7, we have had the opportunity to learn a lot from all of the wonderful employees we worked with and are thankful for our time together. From expanding the product lineup through internal development and further acquisitions, to international expansion of sales and development, to the IPO last year and now growing to 800+ employees - we feel fortunate to have contributed and been a part of a tremendous time in the company. Rapid7 now looks more unstoppable than ever and we will continue to root for its success.

What's Next

So, what's next? My co-founder and I have decided to start a new journey and build our next company. I feel pretty lucky to have found someone who I want to build a company with again after going through an exit. We are still working out what we are going to focus on but we see lots of opportunities in privacy and security. Follow me on Twitter to see privacy and security issues I'm diving into.

I'm excited to bring my blog back as I start exploring what we build next. I'll be writing periodically on a few topics: startups and entrepreneurship, privacy and security, and other random musings.