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About Me

About Me


* Co-founder/CEO of Helm

* Previously at Rapid7, where I was VP/GM Mobile and helped lead the company through its IPO in 2015

* Co-founder/CEO of Mobilisafe, acquired by Rapid7 in 2012

* Worked for Lockheed Martin, Aplix, T-Mobile in engineering and management roles

* Graduate of the schools of computer science at Stanford University (BS) and Carnegie Mellon University (MS)

* Native and current resident of the Seattle area

Over the years I've been interviewed by a variety of media organizations like Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Business Insider, NBC News, USA Today, CSO and others. I've also authored a number of granted patents with some amazing fellow inventors.

Outside of tech, I'm passionate about Seattle and Stanford sports teams, cooking and eating spicy food, midcentury modern design, poker, good TV and movies, quality long reads, and drinking great coffee.

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